Spectre Store



SPECTRE collaborates with Web3 projects to bring value to its community and all of its partners.

The Spectre Store is the storefront for investments brought by Spectre. To participate, you need a Quantum Access pass; an NFT collection of size 2,100 on Ethereum, which grants its holders access to exclusive opportunities.

1) The store offers allocations usually below the IDO price. 2) The focus is on quality over quantity. The store works closely together with SPECTRE's research team and beta testing unit. 3) It's based on a community-centric system with equal chances for everyone to participate — even non-holders. And much more.

Usually between $500 and $5,000

No. Spectre will never have (fungible) tokens. We want to give everyone an equal opportunity for worthwhile investing without any upfront costs to participate.

Allocations are given to our holders primarily on a FCFS (first come, first serve) basis. Guaranteed spots will be given to those who participate in the community and its events, where even those who do not hold our NFT have a chance to earn them!